Con Forms 18-3 Placing Spider on the job at Vande East Apartments in St.Louis, Mo.

Company: Concrete Strategies

Project: Vande East Apartments, St. Louis, MO

Products Used:

  • Con Forms 18-3 Spider Placer
  • Con Forms Laydown pipe and couplings



Concrete Strategies, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, has been a partner with Con Forms for over 10 years. When they needed to add some versatility to their pumping equipment, Fleet Manager John Tinnin reached out to CF’s Jim Bodeker. They collaborated to determine what would be the best fit based on their existing capabilities and their future project needs. The Con Forms 18-3 Spider was chosen as the best option for versatility and value.

In September 2022, Concrete Strategies quickly put their new Spider to work on the Vande East Apartments project, a 14 story residential/commercial development in St Louis’ City Foundry district.

“We utilized the Spider on this shorter high-rise due to limited areas to set up a pump. It only took us 20 mins to move it and set up again to continue pouring. The fact that it can be lifted in two pieces (boom and counterweight) came in handy, since one end of the pour we had weight limitations on the crane.” Mr. Tinnin noted via email.

John continued, “With the type of floor we had we only needed to brace the level underneath the Spider, so there wasn’t much extra work at all to use it. The Spider placer is a nice alternative to a high rise system on these shorter buildings. I was truly surprised how smooth the Spider was. There were no limitations to pumping through it. It could handle whatever speed we wanted to pump through with little to no bounce and an overall very smooth boom. This is a piece of equipment we truly should’ve bought sooner! We have learned through the years that Con Forms has the highest quality pumping accessories such as pipe, hoses, clamps, and even wash out balls. We have tried cheaper alternatives and have had clamps fail, ends come off hoses, and even pipe that the ends were not welded correctly.”

The Con Forms team is always thrilled to see our equipment in action; building the infrastructure that helps our communities grow and succeed.

Many thanks to our friends at Concrete Strategies for trusting in Con Forms to supply their critical pumping equipment and accessories. You can find them at :