Interstate Concrete Pumping in French Camp, CA is using the Con Forms 18-3 SPIDER© Placer to pour the foundation and parking decks for the Oceanwide Center high-rise tower in San Francisco, CA.

These pours offered a number of challenges unique to high-rise projects – mainly that the footings start 70’ below street level to provide the support needed for such massive structures.  This presents obstacles for the efficient placement of concrete from street level high above.  Even with large booms that could reach the base, there are substantial issues with maneuverability to effectively and efficiently reach all areas such as countless walls and columns.  Forms, columns, shoring and other obstacles already in place would make the pour nearly impossible using a typical placing boom or the boom truck from above.

Interstate turned to the Con Forms for a solution.  The solution; a self-propelled 18-3 SPIDER Placer (on tracks, with an 18-meter reach) to quickly and accurately place concrete.  The 18-3 SPIDER© is a cost-effective and low-impact alternative to tower-mounted placing booms, and in this case, a great alternative to dragging long lengths of hose on the mat.  Unlike its large-scale cousins, the rugged, compact and self-propelled 18-3 SPIDER© offers versatility and low jobsite impact with the same productivity.  The crane capacity and shoring requirements are drastically decreased due to the low overall unit weight, and the SPIDER© unit requires minimal site preparation prior to placement.

The lightweight Con Forms 18-3 SPIDER© Placer was lowered by crane into the 70′ deep hole in downtown San Francisco to pour the base for the 75-story skyscraper.  The self-propelled tracked placer unit was able to easily maneuver around the foundation to provide additional reach for the 38m pump that fed it from street level above. There were many obstructions and restrictions that were safely avoided by reaching from underneath shoring where a street level placing boom would not have been able to get to.

There will be a total of 55 different pours doing walls and columns with a projected total of over 9,000 yards of concrete being placed with the SPIDER©.  Once the project reaches ground level, Interstate Concrete Pumping plans to move on to more traditional placement methods – but that doesn’t mean that Con Forms involvement is over.  Con Forms’ west coast technical sales expert Rick Hahn together with the Con Forms’ factory engineering team has been servicing the project from the planning phase and will continue to provide expert advisement, support and quality Con Forms products as they forge on to the vertical portion of this high rise.

Once complete, the high-rise building will be 910’ tall, second only to the Salesforce Tower in scale (another Con Forms designed and engineered high-rise concrete placing system project).  The building is planned to be a mix of commercial, residential, and public spaces.  Con Forms is proud to be involved in yet another high-profile skyscraper project that will add to the iconic San Francisco skyline.