In addition to the standard end connection options, Ultra Tech can provide customized sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of your system. The selection of the appropriate options is dictated by maintenance considerations, performance expectations, life cycle, and other variables. In most cases, these end attachments can be installed in the field utilizing proper procedures. However, improved performance will result when factory fitted. 

  • 2-Bolt Couplings consist of two-piece ductile iron castings, gaskets, nuts, and bolts. Available in multiple configurations based on pipe size and system pressures.
  • Snap Couplings are solid link, non-adjustable couplings designed for quick release applications. 1.5” to 6” are available for use with Hevi-Duty™ ends, and 148mm for use with metric ends.
  • Flanges are the most common end style and a great solution for field installs already using flanged connections. Ultra Tech flange sizes range from 2.5” to 24” (63,6 to 609,6mm) and classes from 150# to 2,500#.
  • Weld Rings are permanent steel ring connections that can easily be field welded. They are made from mild steel designed to provide a rigid fit and prevent heat-treat loss when welding at the joint connection.
  • End Grooves are cut into the outer diameter of the pipe and used in conjunction with couplings for rigid or flexible connections. D-Rings are also available to eliminate cutting into the pipe wall.


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