Con Forms has announced a new and enhanced concrete pumping product line to continue providing industry leading and best value products in the market, including offering the longest-wearing Twin Wall pipe in the industry. This change will allow the company to appeal to a broader variety of customers and make product decision-making even easier with a new tiered structured format.

“Building upon our ‘fit to purpose’ market strategy, reorganizing and enhancing our core product lines allows customers to choose what is best for them based on the application and budget. We have not only strengthened our product offerings, but are also providing the most value-oriented solutions to every customer,” said Stefan Brosick, CEO of Construction Forms, Inc. “Even our base-line products are high performing and meet the rigorous safety standards of the industry. We want customers to have the best product value without taking risks on inconsistent quality. We know from experience that ‘cheaper’ can be very expensive.”

“This product line restructure also includes options at price points we were not able to offer before, allowing us to accommodate more customers with differing concrete aggregate blends. Product ordering will also be streamlined, allowing for easier decision making in what can seem like a complex environment,” said Dave Stahlman, GM for Con Forms.

The new 3-tiered structure divides the products into three categories based on performance and price. Named Guardian, Advantage and Endurance, this structure is being implemented across all of Con Forms products including concrete boom kits, hoses, laydown systems and specialty products.

The Guardian Series incorporates high-quality, proven features at entry-level price points with consistent heat treat for good abrasion resistance. All of the products include the consistency and safety standards customers have come to expect with Con Forms products.

The Advantage Series offers higher durability and performance at aggressive price points. The Advantage products offer high-wearing Twin Wall pipe, abrasion resistance for extended wear, and CCI elbows for better performance.

The Endurance Series includes Con Forms top-of-the-line, highest-performing products. The new Endurance Series takes the pipe, elbows, hose, and welding technology to the limit making it the longest lasting Twin Wall pipe on the market. The Endurance product line was engineered along with partner Esser Twin Pipes to exceed the current market expectations for endurance.

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