While no machine can replace our skilled and dedicated team members, automation creates measurable improvements for both our production staff and CFI customers across all our business units.  

In Q4 2021, Lincoln Electric, a premier welding equipment supplier, delivered a new FANUC robotic welding system to our Port Washington, WI factory. This automated station was placed near a similar unit that was installed in 2018. Our Con Forms division had seen such great results from the initial welder, that a second system configured for our Ultra Tech production was a great investment.  After extensive configuration, testing, and training the new robotic welding station was put to work on production jobs in Q2 2022.   

Our robotic welding stations are equipped with a water quench fixture, which helps to speed production by maintaining the cool inner pipe temperature required to preserve abrasion resistance. They share a skyhook positioner that improves safety for our robots’ human co-workers.  

This investment in our production facility benefits our customers by improving the quality, consistency, and efficiency of our workflow. Lead time on purchase orders has been reduced. Our Quality Check team has found fewer parts requiring reworking which has resulted in reduced overhead and cost savings. These improvements have enabled CFI to continue its long-term commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products that offer the best value in total cost of ownership.