In 1948, ESSER-WERKE was established under the name West-Montan-Werke. The main area of business was the Ruhr region with its profitable coal mines, which was booming economically after the war. It was not until the mid-1950s, under its founder Dr. Hans Esser, that the company acquired the name it still bears today.

As new markets were created over the years (e.g., gravel and sand industry), our successful entry into the concrete pump sector began in the 80s. The double-layer pipes quickly established themselves with premium manufacturers and ESSER rose to become the number 1 supplier. The founder’s son, Alexander Esser, expanded the company and established locations in the USA, Japan and Europe.

In the mid-2010s, the company became owned by Construction Forms USA. Today, it is part of the CFI Group of Companies (cficompany.com/). With our sister companies Con Forms, UltraTech and Tricon, we form a strong international alliance as a leading provider of diverse wear protection solutions.

Today, ESSER supplies well-known companies across many industries such as: concrete pump manufacturers and operators, mining companies, cement plants, plastic processing companies, glassworks, and many more industrial locations. Our system solutions are ideal for many applications where conveying line systems require high reliability and safety.

Thanks to our in-house, customized production processes and equipment, our products can be developed in close cooperation with the customer and individually adapted to their application. Esser offers extensive solution expertise in this regard.
By continuing to develop our manufacturing processes and quality assurance measures, we strive to be the industry leader in customer satisfaction – nationally, in Europe, and around the world.

ESSER piping systems set the standard in terms of quality and durability.
Show us your wear protection task, we will provide you with the solution!